Ghazanfar Azzam

Mobilink Bank registers a solid start to the year by doubling its revenue in Q1 2024

Pakistan’s leading digital microfinance institution, Mobilink Bank, has reported a staggering 97% increase in revenue during Q1 2024 compared to the same period last year, marking a powerful start to the year. The Bank’s Profit before Tax (PBT) also witnessed 110% growth. The substantial increase in the revenue and PBT underscore the Bank’s robust financial…

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Change to Sustain

Mobilink Bank’s “Change to Sustain” program drives sustainability with PKR 2.5 Billion

Mobilink Bank, a leader in digital financial services, launched its sustainability program, “Change to Sustain,” signaling a step forward in its journey towards operational transformation and promoting environmental stewardship within the banking sector. Fueling this initiative is the strategic allocation of PKR 2.5 billion towards renewable energy financing. Embedded with its sustainability strategy, fifteen (15) Mobilink Bank…

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