CDCSRSL conducts client awareness session for SECP’s amendments in Code of Corporate Governance Regulations & Postal Ballot Regulations


SECP has recently introduced the concept of categorized voting for the election of directors to address the practical challenges faced by Listed Companies, during the election of directors by way of amendments in Companies (Postal Ballot) Regulations, 2018 and Code of Corporate Governance Regulations, 2019.

Being an Industry Leader, CDC Share Registrar Services Limited (CDCSRSL) took the initiative to provide a comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of these amendments among the stakeholders by arranging a seminar. It was attended by a large number of representatives of listed companies, whereas some invitees participated in the event virtually via Zoom.

The session, hosted by CDCSR representatives, included a detailed presentation with examples of real-world scenarios and a Q&A session.

The audience engaged interactively in the session and appreciated CDCSR move for translating technical terminologies into easy language for the concerned stakeholders.

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