ChildLife wins ‘Best Research Award’ at International Emergency Medicine Conference in UAE


The Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine conference has evolved into a premier international platform over the years acknowledging emergency physicians with contributions towards Research in Emergency Medicine. ChildLife Foundation’s recognition reflects its outstanding contributions to emergency medicine research and its dedication to improving children’s health in Pakistan.  

This year’s award not only acknowledges ChildLife’s commitment to advancing emergency care but also highlights its significant impact on over 200 government hospitals in Pakistan in partnership with the government. Managing 750 Emergency Room (ER) beds in pediatric Emergency Departments (EDs) and offering 24/7 telemedicine support in secondary care hospitals, ChildLife’s impact to date can be gauged by the fact that 7.5 million children have been treated free of cost in EDs with 4 times increase in the survival rate of critically ill children. 

The ESEM Awards were launched at the celebration of 10 years’ journey of ESEM to recognize the excellence of physicians and their outstanding contributions towards Research in the field of Emergency Medicine. ChildLife Foundation, a consistent contributor, has been awarded for the highest research and abstract submissions since the conference’s inception in 2014, held in Abu Dhabi from 6-9 December 2023.  

“We are honored to receive the Best Research Award at ESEM Conference 2023, recognizing our unwavering commitment to contribute towards advancing emergency care for children. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and commitment to make Pakistan a child-safe country”, said Dr. Ahson Rabbani, CEO of ChildLife Foundation.

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