Faysal Bank Pioneers Braille Inclusive Hiring Forms for PWDs

Faysal Bank Braille

Faysal Bank Limited (FBL) and Boltay Huroof marked the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) by pioneering braille-inclusive hiring forms.

At an event held at FBL, contributions of PWDs to the Bank were showcased along with the unveiling of Braille inclusive hiring forms, furthering the commitment of the Bank to create an inclusive work environment that focuses on equality.

Boltay Huroof Umer Farooq, CEO; Sarwat Naseem Shah, Advisory Board Vice Chairperson; Adeeb Aijaz, Advisory Board Member; and Syed Tabish Ahmed, Chief Technology Officer attended the event. Also present at the event was the senior management at FBL, including  Syed Amin-ur-Rahman, Chief Digital Officer; Abadullah, Chief Compliance Officer; Habiba Salman, Head DEI & L&D; Ahmed Anwer Hemani, Head Institutional Sales; and Farah Ali, Unit Head.

Highlighting the collaborative efforts, Syed Amin-ur-Rahman, Chief Digital Officer, Faysal Bank, expressed optimism about the partnership with Boltay Huroof. He added: “We at the Bank feel privileged to have collaborated with Boltay Haroof for multiple initiatives. However, there is a lot more that we intend to do in order to further our support for financial inclusion of PWDs.”

Umer Farooq, CEO Boltay Huroof in his speech emphasized the significance of inclusivity and collaboration. He said: “To grow our nation we need to create equal opportunities for all people including PWDs, they are an essential part of our society, having the infrastructure that enable them will create true financial inclusion in our country”

The step taken by the  State Bank of Pakistan have been instrumental  in not just making financial services accessible to PWDs but also ensuring and that PWDs become an integral part of the main work stream.

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Appreciating the unwavering support of the State Bank of Pakistan, Amin said: “This specific collaboration with Boltay Huroof will contribute significantly to empower PWDs who wish to seek employment, as the Bank strides towards branch network extension.”

The event culminated with a certificate distribution ceremony, acknowledging the contributions and achievements of the differently abled staff to the Bank.

Faysal Bank and Boltay Huroof remain dedicated to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment, demonstrating that collaboration between the corporate and social sectors can create positive change and contribute to a financially inclusive community.

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