Nestlé Pakistan extends PKR 5 million to Pakistan Red Crescent Society

Nestlé Pakistan

Nestlé Pakistan extended a corporate contribution worth PKR 5 million, as part of its philosophy of Creating Shared Value (CSV), to support Pakistan Red Crescent Society’s (PRCS) efforts towards social welfare and relief work.

Talking at the event, Jason Avanceña, CEO, of Nestlé Pakistan said, “Our collaboration with PRCS over the years has taken many forms. Be it the organization of blood donation camps or partnering during the COVID-19 response, we have depended on PRCS’ unmatched presence and expertise in providing first-aid and emergency response.

“We recognize that we have a responsibility to contribute to the well-being and development of the communities in which we operate. The corporate contribution we are presenting today is a testament to our commitment to supporting PRCS in your noble cause,” he said, adding that, Nestlé Pakistan believes in the philosophy of Creating Shared Value (CSV) where we collectively work towards a clear, common goal: to be a ‘force for good’. “

Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, Chairman of PRCS, said, “We are deeply grateful to Nestlé Pakistan for their generous contribution. This donation will go a long way in supporting our efforts to alleviate the suffering of those affected by disasters. We appreciate Nestlé Pakistan’s commitment to creating shared value and their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable in our society.”

‘Nestlé Cares’, the company’s voluntary program provides the opportunity to engage and assist underprivileged communities through direct and indirect participation. Nestlé has been active in supporting and providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities where needed. Nestlé continues to actively engage in initiatives that promote sustainability, community development, and social welfare.

Nestlé Pakistan continues to give back to communities in many ways. The company is providing clean and safe drinking water to approximately 72,000 people through its seven water filtration facilities around its manufacturing sites in different cities. Nestlé also served 2.49 billion fortified servings of value-added nutritious products last year alone across all occasions and life stages. Meanwhile, Nestlé For Healthier Kids (N4HK), Nestlé’s global nutritional awareness initiative has reached out to 360,000 students and 2200 teachers through a curriculum-based education program promoting healthy nutrition, hydration, hygiene, and active lifestyle.

Nestlé, with its global headquarters based in Switzerland, has had a longstanding presence in Pakistan for over 35 years and is proud to locally produce its products for its millions of consumers in Pakistan.

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